Ökand Studio


This is what we are, this is what we do

Visual works for the culture industry

A small design studio based in Barcelona focused on audiovisuals projects for the music industry especially for the electronic music scene.
We are specialized in graphic design, generating visual content for live events, mapping and video recording. We also love to work in other cultural areas where our creativity have no limits.

Small nerds will dominate the world

We love how technology help us to take our ideas and others a step further. So many of our jobs, as well as, being pretty often rely on new technologies to help us connect more with people. We believe that technology can be really fun.

We like to think our clients are more like partners or friends embarking on an amazing adventure .

We have worked with amazing and so creative people like Choice, FakeØut! Barcelona & FakeØutRadio, ​​Room909, Plastico, Fernando Lagreca, Electronic Bakery, 1FD6 or Mutuo among others.


Graphic Design

Posters, flyers and all kinds of graphic creations to help your event, music or cultural product connect better with people


Even if your product is really good sometimes you have to take a leap forward. We can help you create a brand that people really love .

Audiovisual content

In recent times the use of audiovisual content on the Internet has grown more than 400 %. People get really crazy with this way of communication.


Today a musical event should go further and create a total experience and the creation of live visuals is a great way to maximize the artists on stage.

We have experience in this field working in clubs like Razzmatazz, BeCool, Bikini, Shoko, Underclub, CityHall, OttoZutz, TheWarehouse and La Terrrazza


We can create an even richer experience adapting our audiovisual shows to the space or to structures created especially for the event.


Allow people to really participate in the show and play with them, with music or with live visuals. We believe this will be the next step in every great event.